About-Me - Earl Goodson

Earl Goodson

A little about your Albuquerque Photographer!

Hi, my name is Earl!

This is where I tell you I like bourbon, summer breezes, and puppies, but there really is enough of that out there already. Instead, I'll say that I'm a photographer who can get the job done and I guarantee you'll love the results.

I have an attunement to authenticity that best expresses itself in my work. I'm always stumbling on beautiful moments, especially when I'm in the middle of something else. I think that's why I found myself compelled to buy a camera all those years ago - I just knew it was the logical next step for me.

I think that's why I'm all about letting people be themselves in front of my lens while I unobtrusively find those moments of connection and expression that can't be planned or contrived. It's certainly why I'm also a passionate street photographer; people are so beautiful when they are just doing their thing!

While new to Albuquerque, I'm a self-taught natural light photographer with nearly 2 decades of experience. I prefer a documentary style to my work; I collaborate with my clients to find the posed moments they crave.

I thrive on variety and have shot weddings, engagement sessions, proposals, families, lifestyle, nature, modeling, portraiture, and travel images with people around the world.

Fujifilm X is what I shoot with! Reach out if you're looking to make some art!